LEARN ENGLISH WITH AKIN: The English Alphabet (Coming Soon)

The Book Learn English with Akin is the maiden release of the Learn With Akin Series. It introduces kids to the English Alphabet in a fun way. What is taught here are the letters of the English Alphabet, capital letters and small letters, spellings (i.e. how to make words with the letters of the English Alphabet), phonics (sounds of the letters of the English Alphabet in words), and some interesting facts about the English Alphabet.

Also in this release are interesting stories with morals. The stories include, The Hidden Treasure, Bobby The Faithful Dog, and The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

The book also comes with a DVD that contains the contents of the book. This would help your kid enjoy learning better. They can read along while watching the video which would be far more useful for their learning. The stories are animated in 3D animation. The best you can get anywhere.

Learn With Akin Series promises to make learning fun, engaging, and productive, and this first release just got the ball rolling in grand style. Your kids can’t afford to miss it.